"Home Away

From Home"

La Florida Coffee and Wine was born out of our desire to provide downtown Tallahassee with an experience of "home away from home". It's a place where one can find the dietary staples needed to get through the day - coffee, wine, and bread - where warmth, hospitality, and the highest level of service help foster the building and nurturing of relationships with others in the community. Our goal is to get people to loosen ties, appreciate fine coffee, wine and hors d'oeuvres in relaxed company, and view downtown as more than just a work destination.

As lovers of history and the story that makes this state home, we wanted to highlight the name, La Florida, which is what the early Spanish explorers led by Ponce de Leon called it when they first came to Florida during the Easter Season and immediately dubbed it "La Pasqua Florida". The name also honors the La Florida Martyrs, whose witness to Christ and spirit of evangelization in the new world helped shape the Christian spirit of our society here in America, which we pray continues to shape our hearts, our families, our work, and our community!


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